About Signy

Toowoomba based Canadian vocalist Signy Janelle specialises in acoustic, jazz, blues and soul music. Skillful in her ability to use many different vocal styles, she is able to incorporate a wide range of musical genres into her repertoire which is extremely well suited for weddings, parties and corporate functions. Her extensive song list includes many smooth, easy listening tunes which suit the more laid-back outdoor markets and Café environments as well. 

 Signy graduated from the jazz/contemporary vocal performance program at Grant MacEwan University in Canada before moving to Australia and has since been actively performing throughout Queensland, Australia as a solo acoustic artist as well as with duo, trio and 5 piece bands. Her experience within the jazz world over the past ten years, together with her folk/alternative influences, have strongly influenced her vocal style. Self-accompanied on acoustic guitar for solo and duo performances, Signy also performs with some of Toowoomba’s top professional musicians in 3-5 piece bands which play anything from Gershwin-era songbook classics, to Motown, to country, to classic rock, to current Top 40 chart toppers!

 Frequently called upon to perform for various high profile functions and events around the Darling Downs region, 
Signy also regularly lends her voice for studio recording "session" work in the area of marketing jingles and advertisements.